Video 25 Jul 17 notes

The wind picked up and was quite fresh by the time I got to Baltimore. The tide was flooding so I decided to go up into Churchstrand Bay to do a bit of exploring. Curiosity got the better of me so i decided to go up further into the flooded landscape called the Lag which separates Ringarogy Island from the main land.

The tide and wind was with me until I tried to go under Ringarogy bridge. At this stage of the tide, I found out that the tide floods from behind the causeway, with a very strong current running against me under the bridge. Pride got me through in the end, as there was a guy having a cup of tea in the garden of the house next to the bridge, who watched me go under the bridge and I couldn’t live with the shame of coming back out from under it again! It took about five attempts to get through the bridge, with the boat getting thrown every which way by the current, but I some how got through in the end. At this point the only thing to do was to keep going and circumnavigate Ringarogy! So the oars were out and off I went against the now much gentler current.

Once I got around the corner of the island, I found myself rowing against a fresh breeze and the current for about 300 yards to the main channel of the Ilen river. I was bate by the end of the channel, so I pulled into the shore for a rest and some food. 

When I was ready to set off again, up went the mast and sail, and I pushed off into the Ilen proper, the channel being wide enough to beat upwind.

By the time I got to the west end of Ringarogy, the wind was in that flickery stage where it was threatening to quit at any moment. The tide was fully in though, which meant I could shoot through the narrow channel between Spanish Island and Ringarogy. Spanish Island gets its name from the 16th century pilchard fishery(Spanish fish processors lived on the island during the summer months in make-shift huts). The narrowest part of the channel was windless, so out the oars came.

Back out in Baltimore Harbour, the wind had dropped enough to shake out a reef, but I was too exhausted at that stage, and anyway it was downwind to the slip, so I ghosted away, the first Ilur to circumnavigate Ringarogy!

You must be exhausted too if you’ve read this far!!

Video 23 Jul 12 notes

May 31st, 2014.

Between Heir Island and the Skeams.

Video 21 Jul 8 notes

May 31st, 2014.

I decided to head on toward the previous days hoped for destination - Toormore. The tide was going out, which meant it was flowing west toward Toormore. It makes a massive difference having the tide on your side while beating. While An Suire will always go to windward against the tide, psychologically it can be soul destroying constantly making leeway on each tack. I got there around lunch time only for the wind to die, so I didn’t stop and headed back east out of Toormore bay and down Long Island sound. The eventual destination would be Baltimore.

Video 18 Jul 24 notes

May 30th, 2014. 

I spent the night anchored in the sound between West Calf & Middle Calf. While it was calm enough currents and the slight swell made it a bad nights sleep as there were little waves coming from all angles during the night. Drying out up a little creek is much more conducive to sleep. Still, the view was alright!

Video 16 Jul 20 notes

Very simple and tasty pasta recipe for the boat or camping!


Punnet of cherry tomatoes.

Block of feta.

10 leaves of fresh mint.

Fresh penne.

Olive oil.

Salt & pepper.

Quarter your cherry tomatoes and cube your feta. Chop up your mint leaves finely and set aside. Gently fry the cherry tomatoes in about for table spoons of oil, season and set aside. Cook your penne in boiling water for about 3 minutes in salted(salt water if it looks clean enough!) water and drain. Mix the tomatoes and oil into the penne with a wooden spoon, followed by the feta and the mint and eat! It’s very nice cold so make lots of it and have the rest for lunch the next day!

Link 15 Jul 4 notes Light on a lonely rock»

Excellent article on the Fastnet Rock. It really takes you there…

Video 14 Jul 59 notes

May 30th, 2014.

Middle Calf Island. Old stone walls and lichen, and lots of wildlife. Rabbits, hares, sheep, horses and lots of birds.

Video 11 Jul 30 notes

May 30th, 2014.

An Suire anchored using the mooring buddy at Middle Calf Island. It’s so much nicer to land on a beach with soft sand!

Video 9 Jul 12 notes

May 30th, 2014.

For Trayana! I decided to record some video on this trip to try and capture the sounds and motion of sailing An Suire. It was a lovely calm day and therefore easier to film - it isn’t always like this! Footage shot between West Skeam and Horse Island, finishing up at Middle Calf Island.

Video 7 Jul 37 notes

May 30th, 2014.

A break from the wooden boat festival photos for a while. An over - nighter in Roaringwater Bay, the plan was to head down toward Toormore Bay for the night. However the forecast north-easterly was replaced by a light south-westerly sea breeze, which knocked that plan on it’s head! I stopped on East Skeam for my lunch, due to a bank of sea fog rolling in, and unfortunately interrupted the island’s cow’s sunbathing session!!

Photo 3 Jul 22 notes Castletownshend Ette - Baltimore Wooden Boat Festival 2014.

Castletownshend Ette - Baltimore Wooden Boat Festival 2014.

Video 1 Jul 26 notes

Towelsail Yawls - Baltimore Wooden Boat Festival 2014.

Video 27 Jun 17 notes

Dunfanaghy Curach - Baltimore Wooden Boat Festival 2014.

Photo 26 Jun 26 notes An Run - West Cork Mackerel Yawl - Baltimore Wooden Boat Festival 2014.

An Run - West Cork Mackerel Yawl - Baltimore Wooden Boat Festival 2014.

Video 25 Jun 21 notes

John Hartmann sent me some pictures from his first overnighter in his newly launched Ilur. His tent is a repurposed land tent and looks great. The yawl rig really lends itself to camping as well. Check out his removable aft thwart! How handy is that?? John’s boat is built from the recently re-designed kit which has bulkheads that run all the way to the gunwales, this means that the thwarts aren’t as crucial to the structure of the boat, allowing the aft thwart be removable. Here is the thread of John’s build on the wooden boat forum:

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